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Benefits / properties
- Min operating temperature: -100°C
- Max operating temperature: 430°C
- Max temperature steam: 650°C
- pH: 0 – 14
- Max static pressure: 200 bar
- Max dynamic pressure: 10 bar
- Max peripheral speed: 1,5 m/s
- Very suitable for high pressure valves and high temperatures.
- Very good media resistance, suitable for aggressive media such as acids and lye.
- Common uses are within the chemical industry, refineries, and power industry.
- The gasket can also be used advantageously as top and bottom ring in combination with pure graphite box gasket type K3222 or molded graphite rings
type K35.
- K40 has a feature as anti-extrusion ring and scraper.

Carbon fiber reinforced with Inconel-wires and graphite-based lubricants.



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  • Transport
  • Chemical
  • Infrastructure
  • Oil & Gas
  • Industrial
  • Pharma
  • Energy
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Food


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